Next generation electronics prototyping.

All-in-one-system for electronics prototyping


We are revolutionizing the way electronic development companies get their hardware prototypes. We are working on an all-in-one-system that autonomously produces prototypes as fast and simply as possible.

This fully autonomous system is achieved by our multifunctional and modular machine that combines all kinds of manufacturing processes like milling, 3D printing or pick and placing, to manufacture as much as possible at the site of the client. Once the machine is set up, it can manufacture and switch between those processes without human interaction needed. The virtual assistant handles all the complex processes behind the scenes, so that the user doesn’t have to worry about ordering components.  


Fully autonomous

autonomous production &
component ordering

Modular & multifunctional

multifunctional & modular machine concept

Virtual assistant

all-in-one software for all prototyping belongings

About us

MULTIVATIVE is an innovative startup company located in Graz, Austria.

The two founders Elias and Laurenz both detected the complicated and lengthy prototyping process in electronics development during their education in hardware and software engineering. Manuel joined the team of founders in 2021 and supports the team with his great entrepreneurial experience.


Elias Vögel

Elias Vögel

Laurenz Fussenegger

Laurenz Fussenegger

Manuel Sperl

Manuel Sperl

Our supporters


“Long night of science” in Dornbirn

“Long night of science” in Dornbirn

We were invited to present our idea and our learnings at the Pecha Kucha Night as a part of the "Long night of science" in Dornbirn. We talked about the beginning of our project, what we experienced during that last months and most importantly what we have learned....

Startup Pitch Contest FH Vorarlberg

Startup Pitch Contest FH Vorarlberg

We were allowed to pitch our idea as one of four startup companies at the Business Summit 2018 at FH Vorarlberg. We managed to convince both the jury as well as the audience of our idea and could achieve both prices. The jury consisted of Alois Flatz (Senior Advisor...



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Phone: +43 660 3570521

Email: info@multivative.com