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Our solution provides automatic in-house production of electronic prototypes to speed up testing and to introduce agile hardware development in electronics development.

The machine combines all the tools required for electronic prototyping and is optimised for short set-up times, allowing prototypes to be produced quickly and easily in-house.

Various tools on one machine.

“… is an SMD production line compressed into a single machine line and designed for short set-up times…”

SMD production lines are designed for high throughput. However, setting up a new line is very time consuming and therefore costly. The production of small batches, such as prototypes or small series, is therefore very expensive. In addition, companies have to accept long delivery times with external production, which makes agile working in electronic hardware development almost impossible. Our machine combines all the tools needed for electronic prototyping and enables fast and easy production directly on site.

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Find errors quickly

Our machine can produce fully automated electronic prototypes on site in a matter of minutes. This allows designers to test much faster and more often, finding bugs faster and improving product quality.

Rapid Prototyping

Agile hardware development

With our machine, testable prototypes are available within minutes. This allows developers to test their work much faster and more often, enabling agile working.


Working agile

Faster development and higher quality

Agile working has long been established in software development, leading to higher product quality and shorter development times with the same number of employees. Our system finally enables agile working in electronics development.


We strive to provide the most agile, productive & enjoyable electronics development experience.


Our mission is to make developers’ lives easier by providing systems that do just that. It is very important to us not to offer just another tool, but to offer exactly what developers want – without compromise.




Our machine combines all the tools needed to produce an electronic prototype. This means that prototypes can be produced quickly and easily in-house.


Our system can switch between the different tools fully automatically, enabling automated rework. An example application is the desoldering of a defective IC, followed by the placement and soldering of a new IC.


Our machine has a large work area and a high degree of automation. This means that several smaller blanks can be produced in parallel, making it possible to produce small batches.


Beyond our pilot customers, we want to test our machine according to market needs. For this reason, we are offering prototype manufacturing as a service for a limited time.

Experience premium PCB assembly and soldering, ready for despatch in 2 working days, at no extra shipping cost for orders within Austria. Receive a fair-priced quote within 24 hours – our commitment to you.


Order now & get your assembled PCB fast and uncomplicated!



Max. Size: 200 x 160 mm



Smallest Size: 0402
Supported: All SMT and THT
Not supported: BGA



Supported data-


  • ODB++
  • Altium-ASCII
  • IPC2581
  • GenCAD

For a small surcharge, we take care of procuring the necessary components (when available) and PCBs. Alternatively, you can simply send us the components and we will take care of the assembly.





Don’t hesitate and get your quote within 24 hours.

About us

We are MULTIVATIVE, an innovative startup located in Graz, Austria.

The journey began when founders Elias and Laurenz recognized the potential in simplifying the prototyping process in electronics development. Both equipped with degrees in hardware and software engineering, their studies led to the MULTIVATIVE’s founding in 2018.

It wasn’t until 2021 that Manuel joined the team of founders, supporting the company with his decades-long entrepreneurial experience.

Elias Vögel

Elias Vögel


Laurenz Fussenegger

Laurenz Fussenegger


Claudius Kofler

Claudius Kofler


Manuel Sperl

Manuel Sperl


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